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When you want to do the best for your horse and give him a lovely varied life to include hacking but you forget it's winter and nearly get ejected just for walking through a door way to go on the (none eventful) hack. Still need to have him more connected but as per video- I'm happy with the half passes. Photo of course a Sally Foreman Photography special Thanks Heidles who mucks out, grooms, tacks up, makes feeds, tends to legs and does all the other jobs without ever asking for anything in return.He's accepting my leg more now to keep the bend and not offer a mad change. But a sound happy horse who learns without stress is more important. We always have a bit of a giggle and I say "when I am queen" so she tacks up for "Queen Brooksby Dalby".How could I tell, for example, that a certain horse would be fit for international competition in the future, while another just wasn’t up to scratch? If you want to represent Russia, then you need a decent horse. There are some really intelligent horses out there: They already know what to do before you’ve even had a chance to give a command, like they’re listening to your thoughts. Do you know that a runner-up in the equestrian World Cup was 71 years old?

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I rode him this morning and he was 100% better, not perfect but no hand stands (thank god, I think my time of staying on is running out! Was really looking forwards to a really nice ride after a chaotic week. I never got to read them all, only some- but it was totally humbling to see snippets of the ones I did, I will never be able to thank you enough for those wonderful words.

) Lucy declared that he was feeling really good, bit of glutes soreness but nothing major. Thanks to PPE who opened so many doors, offered financial support towards competing and training, kit and chances that I would have never have had. I loved the filming, the blogs- it has been a totally brilliant and very appreciated experience.

RBTH: Besides your preparations for the Olympic Games, you are also involved in the Galloping to Rio de Janeiro project for amateur horse riders. Judging by our Facebook page, where we’re getting 15,000 views per week, it seems to be working. P.: People always tell me that it’s not a popular sport, that nobody goes to watch it. The problem is that there’s no advertising; we don’t get any exposure. I’m extremely optimistic about how equestrianism is developing right now. God willing, I’ll go to a few more games if my health doesn’t let me down.

I also get calls from people in the Netherlands, the United States and Germany who are keeping an eye on the project. A prestigious school in France has even invited our celebrities over to give a master class. We had the Spasskaya Tower Festival not so long ago. It takes 6-7 years to get a horse ready for the Olympics.

Many riders left to earn money abroad, and the training of horses suffered as a result.

But we’ve seen great progress over the last three years.

When I watch footage of people Warming up at Olympia. I don't have a team of horses- all the dreams, work, effort and love gets pumped into my little crew. Horsey husband was with me which is always helpful. I very quickly think along the lines of - I'm not good enough.

And the answer to every question (which horse are you most excited about etc) the answer was always fons. I don't get cross at him- did give him a kick forwards when he was being nappy but I have to be careful as if you over ride he shuts down and roots to the spot.

Russia’s leading equestrian, Inessa Poturaeva, is a multi-time national champion, winner of the Central European League World Cup, a multi-time participant in the equestrian World Cup finals and the recently appointed head coach of the Russian dressage team.

Russia Beyond the Headlines: Inessa, what’s up with Russian equestrianism? Inessa Poturaeva: If you don’t count the Moscow Olympics in 1980, Russian hasn’t won a medal in equestrianism for 40 years.

At the Moscow Games in 1980, the Soviet equestrian team won three gold medals, three silvers and two bronzes. Individually, the horse and the rider may be amazing, but if they don’t reach a level of mutual understanding, then it simply won’t work.

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