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For years, Brenda and Sonny were the hottest couple on the soap, but then Marcil exited the show.

However, the actress has made plenty of recurring appearances so that Sonny and Brenda’s drama can continue.

“Being in front of a camera would make me nervous.” Demi recently completed a three-month in-patient treatment program for issues with self-harm and an eating disorder.

Why did Demi decide that now was the time to leave her hit show?

, named after the show-within-a-show that Demi’s character stars in.

At the time, Disney reps said that the decision was to give the 18-year-old actress enough time to recover from her emotional issues.

Since her arrival to Port Charles, she’s managed to work her way into the good graces of the Corinthos family, but she’s very destructive when it comes to every tie within the family.

Carly’s kiss isn’t the only thing that might weigh on Sonny’s mind. Fans know that when it comes to actress Vanessa Marcil, it doesn’t seem like she’s ever very too far from the set.

She will soon file for divorce number five and it’s very likely she and Sonny might split for good unless the Morgan recast comes soon and stops the spiral. Sonny now sees himself as innocent but Carly sees Morgan’s death still as Sonny’s fault in a way because his mob life choices are what brings this type of incident into their lives.

Even the eventual discovery that Ava Jerome (Maura West) tampered with Morgan’s meds might not change Carly’s mind.

(It isn’t rare for Disney Channel shows to change their names from season to season.) “We respect Demi’s decision to focus fulltime on her music and not immediately return to her acting career,” a rep for the Disney Channel said in a statement to South American tour with the Jonas Brothers.

At the time, there were murmurs about how Demi’s treatment would affect her future with the clean-cut Disney Channel but the Texas-born star has turned her private problem into a chance to raise awareness about eating disorders amongst young women.

She admitted she loves him – the love isn’t likely to change. The problem is that Sonny won’t make a fundamental change to the way he lives his life. If Sonny wants Carly back, he would have to make better choices – choices that he’s never been able to make and stick to in all the years he’s been in Port Charles. If not, marriage number five seems to be dead with no chance of coming back. Will she turn to Jax to mourn the loss of her son and her marriage and wind up in bed with him?

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