Sophos updating policy awaiting policy transfer

Dedicated protection for servers On-premise management manages computers running client operating systems and the ones running server operating systems the same way.

Sophos Cloud, on the other hand, manages Windows servers separately from users computers.

It will then alert you if there are any features enabled that you are not licensed to use in Cloud.

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Sophos updating policy awaiting policy transfer screen updating excel

For example, if the tool is already running on a computer, another user who connects to the computer using Remote Desktop Connection will not be able to open the tool.

The tool can be used for assessing computers to see whether or not they can be migrated to Cloud, and for migrating the computers to Cloud.

The tool can run in one of the two evaluation modes: full evaluation mode, which requires a Cloud account, or basic computer assessment mode.

During basic computer assessment, the tool checks that a computer: Is running an operating system supported in Cloud.

The Remote Management System (RMS), used for communications between the computer and the on-premise console, is then uninstalled and the Cloud agent software is installed.

The Cloud agent software includes Sophos Management Communications System (MCS), used for communications between the computer and Sophos Cloud.

3.2 Migration When you choose to migrate computers, the Sophos Cloud Migration Tool downloads the Cloud agent software and places it in the update share (bootstrap location).

The computers that are on the migration list and meet the migration prerequisites will get the Cloud software during their next scheduled update (specified in the Updating policy, on the Schedule tab).

For more information about migration prerequisites, see Migration prerequisites (page 12).


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