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When customizing Nova, you can use any of these three approaches for your own custom code.But if you can, I would recommend sticking with Nova's package-based approach just to maintain consistency between Nova's codebase and yours.Settings can be public (meaning they will be published to the client) or private (they will be kept on the server).

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The Mandaeans, whose official designation by their Persian and Iraqi neighbors is “Sabeans” (“dippers,” “dyers,” “baptizers”; see Fahd, p.

675), call themselves “Mandaeans” (“the knowledgeable ones,” from the Aramaic “knowledge”).

After one of the better known massacres of the Mandaeans, that of Shushtar in the late 19th century, the few survivors left the city.

About a century earlier, in 1782, the Mandaean priesthood in Persia had been horribly persecuted; and in 1818, the Persian Mandaean priests were thrown into exile.

Today, the Mandaeans are found chiefly in Ahwaz (Ahvāz), Khuzestan’s provincial capital, which is the center of the Iranian Mandaeans, the site of their community center, and the home of their religious leaders.

Khorramshahr (Ḵorramšahr, old Moḥammara) and Shushtar (Šuštar), towns that previously held considerable Mandaean populations, no longer do.

That being said you can use the same database seamlessly since Nova uses the same database schema.

For local development, an easy way to do that is to simply copy the take priority over those stored in the database.

These ancient Gnostic Baptists were wrongly considered by early European missionaries and travelers as “Christians of St.

John” who consider John the Baptist as their prophet and as the renewer of their Adam-derived religion.

There are currently two distinct versions of Telescope: Nova and Legacy.

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