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After that it might be something besides Windows itself.

(Corporate IT often has it's own thing that will apply hotfixes and reboots.) Update: shutdown /a did nothing huh? One quick way to reset the timer, is to lock your computer (Windows Key L). You can then either logon again (giving you valuable time to save the things you want saved), or stop the update service all together. The 15min timer is a real problem when it's a workstation I haven't booted in 3 weeks and I'm half way into a 1.6GB video upload when it chimes in.

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Imagine, you are reading a web page, or are playing a flash game, then suddenly the page refreshes itself and you have to do your reading (or play the game) from the start again. Some sites update their content frequently, so the webmaster add the auto-refresh function to ensure their readers get the most updated content. From the end-user point of view, I find this to be very disruptive, a complete waste of time and consume unnecessary bandwidth., or with javascript.

For javascript auto-refresh function, you can use adblock extension to disable javascript for that website.

When Drudge Reprot is open in a tab the page automatically reloads/refreshes (every 157 seconds someone says). I wonder if there is a way in FF to disable pages' ability to refresh.

Yes Script 2.0 by Jason Barnabe A Java Script blacklist About this Add-on Yes Script lets you make a blacklist of sites that aren't allowed to run Java Script.

Drudge Report in particular has caused problems for me as it takes so long to load, and then when I finally get to start reading it, it keeps automatically reloading again and again and again so I can't actually read it. Now Druge Report loads super fast, and never automatically reloads. Get your mom to have a peek at that sentence structure. A ton of talk but if SHTF they would be hiding in the corner.


  1. A study by the University of Iowa has similar advice.

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