Stress and dating

My mom angrily told me that I should have waited until my grandparents had died before coming out, and that I was "extremely disrespectful" for making this announcement. FMLToday, I told my 4-year-old daughter that when she grew up she could work at a daycare, like me, to help all of the little kids like her.She started crying because she thought it was a bad job to have.

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It's gonna take two weeks to get the parts and it's minus 30 outside.

FMLToday, I was at a stoplight when a guy rear-ended me going 40mph due to texting and driving.

There are different risk factors which make a person more likely to have migraines.

Being a female is a risk factor, and so is having family members who had migraines.

Today, it's been 2 months since I broke up with my boyfriend.

He's been texting me every time he found a bobby pin at his house that belonged to me, saying we should both see it as a sign of us belonging together.

Most migraines cause a headache and nausea and might make the person dizzy or very sensitive to bright lights or loud noises.

Some people have "auras" before a migraine starts, which means their ability to see becomes different. Migraines have been classified, based on how often they happen in a month: If a person has a headache for less than fifteen days, the migraine is called episodic migraine (EM).

FMLToday, I took my car into the mechanic to have two tires and battery put in, all new.


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  6. In 2005, they divorced for some ‘unclear’ reason.

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