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Not all of them are sleazeballs, but you would do well to sit as far as possible from those who are.

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Say what you will about the objectification of women, but these girls are good dancers and barring the nudity, a lot of them really know how to entertain. When someone is questioning their sexuality, strip clubs can be like a field trip that gives you an in-depth show-and-tell session.

Some girls just want to see how they feel about naked women in order to understand them better.

According to some surveys, guys go to strip clubs – not to pick up the dancers – but just to engage in the fantasy that the dancers present.

So, it’s no surprise that even women who aren’t into other women are still willing to go buy a lap dance.

After all, not all strippers are drug addicts, battered girlfriends or covert prostitutes.

Many establishments have proper policies in place that protect their entertainers.

Some women will agree to go with their partners just to liven up their sex life.

It can be tricky considering you and your partner are getting turned on by sexy strangers, but it works for some people.

Like with any restaurant or bar, the waitresses in strip clubs earn their keep by giving the best service.

And knowing that men are more inclined to pay for good service from pretty girls, they really amp up the charm and efficiency for the customers at places like these. Remember all those jokes about stripper buffets being sketchy? At clubs like this, you have the option of ordering your food from the kitchen. There’s no actual basis aside from the testimonies of the many people who have been to strip clubs, but the final verdict is this: they’ve got damn good eats. Girl or not, the waitresses and dancers don’t really care about why you went to a strip club full of female dancers. Of course, you’re going to feel bad about these girls who are taking their clothes off for a living.

Some of those reasons are no different from the guys’ as well. Strip clubs are great places to hang out in, provided that their security detail is on point.


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