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You can also connect it to the PC from the PC menu and play games on the Tamagotchi Friends website.

It does require 3 ‘AAA’ batteries but I have to say that the batteries do last.

There are different icons on the screen – Stats (weighing scale) –this tells you all about the Tamagotchi – the name, age, gender, weight and generation. You can buy different snacks and meals from the shop.

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We have had it a month and have been playing with it quite a bit and the batteries are still good.

Personally, I find the entire concept really endearing – being able to take care of your own little character and watching it evolve.

Door – This takes you to the outside area to play a game, shop, park, PC or Date Place.

Heart – Bump with other Tamagotchi friends to interact Mail – receive and send messages and gifts Chest – lists jewellery bought from the shop Books – displays friends list Medicine – Treat the Tamagotchi when ill Attention – This lights up when your Tamagotchi is in need of something.

The games area has 3 games by default – Drop Catch, Select Get and Mimic.

The other two games – Flower Count and Cake Catch can be unlocked if you 30 jewellery item and the BFF heart is filled halfway.

Go to the ‘door’ icon and scroll down to date place.

Choose the mate you think will be perfect for your Tamagotchi and get them married.

We have taken it to London on the Tube and I bet it liked the outing.

I must say that I have and still do enjoyed spending time with the Tamagotchi almost as much as Jadyn has.

Ours hasn’t as yet so I guess it takes a pretty long time to get there.

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