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Byron’s Affair …This is very significant to the storyline because one main focus in Season 1A was Aria and her parents.We believe Ezra’s intentions were to break up Byron’s marriage and continue to destroy him by dating his daughter.

It just seem odd when we re-watch that she would show up out of the blue. Producer Joseph Dougherty mentioned in an interview with Hollywood Life “Now is the time to look back at Ezra’s behavior over the past three years and see if everything tracks.”8.

Dear Ella …Ezra and Aria were still seeing each other as teacher and student when he invited her to his place for dinner.

It’s just the St Alker in Me …Ezra Fitz just happened to be at certain locations that Aria were, coincidence, we think not.

This wasn’t a small town thing where oh you just happen to bump into this person, he was following Aria. When Aria asked him for a transfer out of his class he tried to convince her to stay but she admitted she couldn’t keep her feelings in check and she “didn’t want to.” We later learned in 3.03 that Ezra had pull with the Vice Principal Hackett, who mentions in 4.07 ““ made us wonder if Ezra talked to Principal Hackett to keep Aria in his class.7.

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