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Pettit says Deverts, too, wanted to learn all she could about type 1 diabetes after he was diagnosed.Now she's an RN, he says, and "she told me that my having diabetes has allowed her to help out her patients who have diabetes more." The more time you spend with a romantic partner, the more sense it makes to explain your health condition, just as it does with family and close friends.The Riva View We were already engaged when I said to my husband-to-be, “If you want to reconsider, I’ll understand.

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But Munoz was never bothered by these minor interruptions, she says, and was more interested in learning what he could to do help her and never complained about any accommodations they had to make for her.

Christ says that having diabetes may diminish sexual response in some people.

Riva said if she wasn’t up by in the morning to wake her up and bring her meter to her.

Now I do that, and get to say that ‘love is throwing used test strips in the trash can!

He'd carry diet books with him wherever they would go so he could look up how many carbohydrates were in the foods he was eating. Even now, I eat almost anything I want as long as I know what's in the food so I can properly administer the correct amount of insulin." Pettit uses insulin in pen form .

But having type 1 diabetes didn't negatively impact dating. Morales says that when she and Munoz were dating, there were times when her disease interfered with their activities, like when they were rollerblading and she found she had to stop to eat.

We were friends for a dozen years before we got married and weren’t spring chickens when we took the dive. Of course Bou, short for Boudewijn, knew I was living with type 1 diabetes, but he didn’t know it in a close-up, personal, intimate, day-to-day sense. So I told Bou what he could do that would support me: point out new things he reads about diabetes, or listen to me when I’m having a “bad diabetes day.” Deciding to carry glucose tablets in his pockets when we go out for a walk was his own lovely idea.

He was on a learning curve for the first few years of our marriage. Early in our marriage, Bou thought standing with me over my meter in the morning while waiting for my number to appear was being supportive. A friend who was recently writing a diabetes article asked Bou for a quote about how we make our relationship work with type 1 diabetes in the mix. Perhaps some of his thoughts may help you if you have a partner with diabetes.

I ran down those stairs so fast I nearly broke my neck and ran back up them, gave her the glass, and, yes, hovered.


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