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Tim makes a call to a music store about his "uke’" that keeps falling on his computer.Two men get in a fight over a car crash and settle it with a dance-off using their miniature Tim and Eric dancers. Schmidt debuts his new "Raise My Roof" dance to win the Uncle Muscles Grand Championship.This episode's "Great Job" sequence is altered in which the word "Salame" is displayed and spoken instead of "Great Job! Cinco Family/Corporation: Cinco Toys presents a new toy, "T'ird", half turtle, half bird. Tragg shows his viewers how to make some of his famous slop on his cooking show "Tragg’s Trough".

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Bob Odenkirk advertises "E-Z Kreme," an all-natural diarrhea inducer.

Richard Dunn appears in a flashback video, playing an improv game with himself on the show “Dunn-Prov.” Cinco advertises their handy “MIDI Organizer Filing System.” Guest appearances: Tom Kenny and Bob Odenkirk Tim and Eric are late in delivering the episode to the network and must rely on Hamburger Taxi to get the tape there on time. Steve Brule educates the Married News Team with a special report on stomach and digestion problems.

The Uncle Muscles Hour: Casey and his Brother perform "Time Travel".

Cinco Family/Corporation: Cinco Toy's presents the "B'owl", half bat, half owl.

Guest appearances: Neil Hamburger, and "Weird Al" Yankovic The Uncle Muscle's Hour is disrupted when Casey wanders off and his brother is forced to adapt to life without him.

Eric talks about his collection of rascals on "Nights with Tim Heidecker," which is interrupted by an Uncle Muscles Emergency Broadcast. Steve Brule delivers a report about modern fashion, resulting in some tension between Jan and Wayne Skylar. Raz's presence on the Tim and Eric set instigates awkward jealousy. Uncle Muscles introduces a clip from the Casey vault, "Hamburgers and Hotdogs". Tim tries to spite Eric by showing him a video of his vacation with his new best friend, Tony.

The newest Cinco product, "Thocks" combines the thong and the sock into one piece of clothing that will spice up your wardrobe.

Spagett attempts to spook and surprise people on his hidden camera show.

The following is a list of recurring characters and featured sketches from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Some of the recurring characters on the list have also made appearances on Tom Goes To The Mayor and Check It Out! On June 12, 2010, a special tribute bump for Dunn was aired on Adult Swim after the a.m.

Occasionally a sketch will end with a freeze frame; the colors fade to black and white, and a voice announces, "Great job! On Friday June 4, 2010, character actor Richard Dunn died at age 73.

Tim & Eric discuss their plan to replace their crew with elderly men.

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