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Even if you’re not into club hopping, you could hear these lines from guys anywhere…. On my dating blog I often get comments from gentlemen complaining that girls don’t express clearly what they want and they (guys) are not mind readers. When you hear the word “fats,” do you think that it’s always unhealthy?

Does it give you that reputation of giving you bad cholesterol?

As she pushed your way to that overcrowded subway,…

Whether you’re a moustache aficionado or newcomer to the art of growing facial hair, Movember is your time to shine.

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College parties are fun and adventure, and will also turn out to be memorable if you do not do anything silly.

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In the quest of searching a potential partner, people are more into… Believe it or not, changing careers nowadays is easier than ever.

Being in college brings stressors which influence our grades. Add to that the need to stay within a tight budget, possibly to work part-time, the social pressures, navigating the whole financial aid… The professional environment has drastically changed over the last several years.

It’s Friday afternoon, the day that Sally has been waiting for the entire week.

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