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You'll see drinking games, champagne showers, stripping, island rampages, selfie sticks held up like glow sticks, spirit bottles worth hundreds of dollars delivered on silver service with fireworks strapped to the necks, and people spending the average year's salary just by slurring the word "again!" You may see - as I did - more than 40 people scramble onto a yacht meant for six for an impromptu all-night boat party, which, after a certain amount of vodka, feels more like a real-life game of Screwball Scramble."But I've never used my power.")If the average age of the people who go on 18-30 holidays is early twenties, then, at 29, Reese is the average Yacht Weeker.

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"They started with two bottles of vodka," says Cowboy Carl, almost misty-eyed. He is a huge man with a jutting jaw, perfect teeth, blond hair that points to the sky, piercing eyes that would be devastating if not for the fact they're slightly too close-set, and has the nervous gregariousness of a man who has high-fived during sex.

A former high-school quarterback from Atlanta, Georgia, who never quite made the grade to go pro, Reese is semi-famous in America for being the star of a reality TV dating show called in 2008.

"Nearly all the men list their Instagram accounts for the girls to check out.

" a Californian blonde named Amy explains to me, referring to the American reality-TV show, but also, one presumes, the real world. Only one girl I met on my week - Cayla, a 29-year-old American teacher - took the precaution of travelling to New York to size up their potential male shipmates before she and her cousin took the plunge.

Here's a random list of things you can expect to occur on Yacht Week, the sailing holiday popular with the world's moneyed youth, and described in the Croatian national press as "Sodom and Gomorrah at sea".

You will watch someone almost fall off a boat, drunk, into the sea, but recover at the last minute.

A fortnight ago, he had eleven Spaniards who barely slept, and he recalls the experience much like the sole survivor of an ethnic cleansing. Skippers have an ongoing game called "Worst Question At The Worst Time".

Brazilian men, most skippers agree, are the worst (many mistreat female staff; a recent group got kicked off their boat for doing coke on deck). Favourites include: requesting a fry-up in a storm (oil is not your friend), trying to chat up a skipper while he's navigating a tricky mooring (most skippers are men), and having sex while you're supposed to help downing anchor.

At 29, however, he remains a bachelor, which is why he is at Yacht Week.


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