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NET 4, to set it to static so we can easily find it in Java Script. For this example we are using set Interval to do the call every 500ms.

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The Triggers tag allows you to define certain triggers which will make the panel update it's content. You will notice that then first button updates only the first datestamp, while the second button updates both. We have set the Panels to update conditionally, which means that their content is only updated if something insides them causes a postback, or if one of the defined triggers are fired.

The following example will show the use of both childtags. As you can see, the first Update Panel carries a trigger which references the second button.

If we click on Button1 now, it will update the text of Label1, but though we have registered the Label2 with the script manager still its value will not be reflect. After that we have set the Control Value by from the data item collection using .

So, In case we have multiple control that we need to update we can use the control name to retrieve the value form the Controldata Items.

Register Startup Script to register the script to be run.

in scope to call this function (for example, you might be coding within a User Control and have the Script Manager on the Page).

Simply putting the script within the Content Template tags does not work.

Instead, to get the Java Script to execute on Post Back you need to use Script Manager.

If you wish for the content of a Update Panel to be updated no matter what, you may change the updatemode property to Always.


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