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Getting second-hand RAM for Macs is also possible on websites like e Bay, but you won’t be completely assured that there’s nothing wrong with the product you’re buying.

If you have a mid-2010 model or newer of the Mac Mini, upgrading the RAM is very simple.

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In fact, Apple even gives instructions on how to do this yourself rather than directing you to an Apple Authorized Service Provider, as it does for all models prior to the mid-2010 model.

If you’re using an older model of the Mac Mini, you’re going to have a much harder time.

Two brands that I’ve heard the most good things about are Crucial and Corsair, so I’d recommend to go for either of those if you aren’t sure. Most online retailers such as New Egg have subcategories specifically for RAM compatible with Macs, just make sure to read the item descriptions for known compatibility.

Most manufacturers also have websites for helping you choose the right RAM for your Mac, like this one from Crucial and this from Corsair.

Since the Mid-2010 model, the Mac Mini supports up to 16GB of RAM instead of the previous 8GB, so you can divide that number by the amount of slots to find out how big each individual RAM stick can be at most.

When shopping for RAM, brand is something to consider just like you would for a PC system – some are known for their quality, others aren’t.If you’ve just picked up a Mac Mini, here are some tips on what to upgrade and how to do it.First off, a Mac Mini is similar in concept to a laptop.Hopefully these instructions have given you a good idea of what it takes to perform upgrades on various Mac Mini models.Upgrading the RAM on the Mid 2010 or newer models is very simple to do, but the older models make it harder, and replacing the hard drive can be tough for all models (but possible).You could just go to a Service Provider and have them do it for you, but that’ll cost money.

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