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For example, if you have code in a Validated event that attempts to cancel the data binding, the data binding will still occur.

The official validation service supported by the W3C is at validator.w3

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When an element is invalid, two things occur: If you want to take control over thelook and feel of native error message , or if you want to deal with browsers that do not support HTML5 forms validation, there is no way but to use Java Script.

More and more browsers now support the constraint validation API, and and it's becoming reliable.

It allows you to specify required characters, optional characters, literal characters, such as hyphens and parentheses, currency characters, and date separators.

The control also works well when bound to a data source.Windows Forms provides several ways for you to validate input in your application.If you need to require users to enter data in a well-defined format, such as a telephone number or a part number, you can accomplish this quickly and with minimal code by using the Masked Text Box control.If you want to use implicit validation for a control, you must set that control's .If you assigned Enable Prevent Focus Change, canceling the event will cause the Validated event not to occur.A is a string made up of characters from a masking language that specifies which characters can be entered at any given position in the text box. If the user types an incorrect entry, for example, the user types a letter when a digit is required, the control will automatically reject the input.


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