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And Long is studying the human face in an effort to fine tune Bernie. Long named Bernie after his friend from college who died from an enlarged heart in 2009.He says muscles and wrinkles can sometimes be a reflection of general mood or personality. Bernd Dittrich, known as Bernie, was a quarterback for Simon Fraser University.Why SDC is a unique online dating site SDC makes online dating an exciting social experience by offering swingers parties, cruises and speed dating.

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POF (Plenty of Fish)Plenty of Fish Facts: 40 million users | Free | Friends, Casual dating, Intimate experience, Seeking marriage | Single, Married, Cohabitating, Divorced How POF keeps the laws of attraction in motion Completely free means impressive numbers, and numbers mean a higher probability of finding love on the internet and turning it into love in real time. POF's free "compatibility service" narrows down the swimmers.

Overwhelmed by the large schools of fish swimming in POF's waters? New members get relationship needs and chemistry assessed.

The next phase will involve analyzing the background in the profile photos.

Long says you can tell a lot about a person by looking at whether the picture was taken inside or outdoors. “I think what would be worse is to be in a relationship you don't want to be in," Long told us.

Nudist Friends is a wholesome online dating site that provides a friendly and confidential environment for nudists to find love and walk hand-in-hand, buck naked, into the sunset together - tan line free.

Why Nudist Friends is a unique online dating site If a politician were naked, would they still be able to hide the truth?

I am a geek and fangirl passionate about many, many things, including Marvel movies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Xena: Warrior Princess, and *all* things Joss Whedon. I work hard at my job, and take care of myself physically. Only two encounters with women..want to find the one that I fit with well with. I do like cats but cannot have one or be around one...serious allergy to them I am sad to say. I'm a 26 year old from Vancouver looking to enjoy life a little more after a long stretch of spending a bit too much time working.

My musical tastes reflect this, being mostly instrumental pieces, movie and TV shows - or anything else, typically … I love to go to new and exciting places and also re-visit the places that fill me with joy. It's a beautiful world out there and it's time to explore it, enjoy it and make every minute count. :) Patience is hard and I rarely notice cuz I'm always taking so long.

I have a broad variety of interests of which some of my passions are cultural anthropology, activism,psychology, biology, history, politics, law, criminology, traveling, naturopathy, new age, ect. I cosplay Link more often than an "adult" should... I love watching football, documentaries and good TV series, reading,, and of course playing guitar.. i write poetry for fun and i love to sing and be artsy i have alot of anxiety but for the post part i can handle it.

You should know that I'm deaf, but I make up for that on my own. Hello there, I am a social political human rights activist, queer, feminist, pagan eclectic. I am a huge fan of karaoke, Aerosmith is my go-to band to sing. I enjoy meals out and nights in and spending time with family and those who are special to me.

Never feel out of place again with SDC's swinger dictionary of common swinging terms.

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