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In stark comparison, only a mere six British sites feature even the slightest trace of megalithic artwork.

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Croaghaun in the Ox Mountains, has produced a date going back as far as 5600 BC from samples of charcoal found in the central chamber.

Samples taken from a stone socket in Primrose Grange Tomb 1, have yielded a date of 6400 BC.

These early dates were first put forth in the late 1970's early 1980's by a group of Swedish archaeologists led by Stefan Bergh excavating in and around the Carrowmore megalithic complex.

Initially, the very early carbon dates produced were met with some scepticism.

Further proof of this is the extremely high concentrations of megalithic artwork found upon Irish shores.

The Boyne Valley in Ireland contains over 60% of all Europe's megalithic art, with the great Neolithic temple of Knowth containing more than a quarter of Europe's entire collection, making Knowth the absolute centre of European megalithic art.

Not only that, but the monuments of western Europe were found to predate those of Egypt and the Near Eastern cultures also, which had previously been thought to have been the inspiration for the European megalithic builders.

The earliest dates of construction for western European megaliths are found to be in the west of Ireland.

The advent of radiocarbon dating has forced archaeologists to re-think the entire the chronology of western European megalithic culture.

Prior to radiocarbon dating, it had been believed that megalithic culture had been brought to western Europe from the Mediterranean region, however, this was proven to be utterly false when C14 dating methods showed that the megalithic sites of western Europe substantially predated those of the Mediterranean.

Whereas archaeologists will deal only with the physical artefacts, it is absolutely necessary to bring together these seemingly separate fields of study to see how this culture evolved and influenced other civilizations throughout the world.


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