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In her day-to-day life, the certified permaculture farmer is helping communities in Africa and South America learn how to grow their own food."I've implemented a project, not in conjunction with anyone, just by myself," she told FOX411 at Comic-Con.Family Members Father: Anthony Mitra (cosmetic surgeon) Mother: Nora Downey (homemaker) Brothers: Jason Mitra and Guyan Mitra (travel writer)Build She has an hourglass figure. Distinctive Features She is known for her voluptuous figure and high cheekbones.

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Rhona Mitra is doing her best to save the world both on "The Last Ship," and in real life. Rachel Scott discovers the cure for the lethal virus that is wiping out humanity.

Mitra insists the good doctor isn't interested in hanky panky, say with CDR Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), who is a recent widow, or Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson), who has made no secret of his interest in her.

"I just don't believe that it's something that she cares about, or I care about," Mitra says.

"There's an organization called Big Life, who just work with elephants in Amboseli National Park, and they've allowed me to introduce permaculture farming with the Massai with the view to stopping the conflict between the animals and the humans.

Also, I was looking down in Uruguay to find a piece of land to create a place where people can come and work with animals and come and learn how to farm sustainably." With her efforts on behalf of the environment in mind, it's no surprise that the subject matter of "The Last Ship" speaks to Mitra.

Location of Her Birth She was born in the town of Paddington in London, England.

Nationality Rhona Mitra is a citizen of the United Kingdom.

It's incredible that we're on this beast of a thing and it's now set to become a vessel for healing.

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