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And sure enough, a meeting was arranged between them in the park where they had their first date, as their emotional children watched on.

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Police forces across the UK have responded to 162 sexual offences relating to the two apps in a total of 523 crimes committed including the four murders committed by serial killer Stephen Port (pictured).

From drinking at a £20,000-a-table club in New York to sailing off the French coast with 32 beautiful women, the Rich Kids of Instagram tell Mail Online how they are spending New Year's Eve.

Ann Grigor, 54, claimed she was blind, wheelchair bound and needed round-the-clock care, claiming around £23,000 in disability benefits for 10 years.

As 2016 draws to a close, revellers around the world are bidding a weary adieu to a year filled with political surprises, prolonged conflicts and deaths of legendary celebrities.

Rousey never managed to get her footing against Nunes, who rocked Rousey with her very first punches.

Rousey showed little defensive acumen as she staggered and stumbled backward with Nunes relentlessly pursuing her and landing multiple shots.

People started speculating that the dog had been stabbed, but Mr Green has become frustrated and insists he does not know how the pet ended up in the bin, as he had been in the Hull Royal Infirmary.

He added that Rio had been a 'beautiful' pet for ten years but had to taken out when he suddenly turned.

Among the 5,000 convictions of benefit fraudsters over the last year was Amanda Barrymore, who claimed thousands of pounds in jobless benefits despite making a living out of her apparent 'psychic' ability to communicate with the dead.


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