Who is diem brown dating

However, if Diem’s chances of surviving her battle with cancer were higher, it’s possible that her final response to CT’s proposals would have been different.

Sadly, we’ll never know how that outcome would have played out.

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14, her ex-boyfriend Chris "CT" Tamburello made one final attempt at reconciliation by proposing, sources exclusively reveal to Us Weekly.

A source close to Brown tells Us that Tamburello swept into his longtime love's hospital room at NYU Langone Medical Center, where he got down on bended knee and presented her with a ruby ring — as well as a Go Pro video camera.

"Diem and CT had a complicated relationship," Brown's best friend Alicia Quarles tells Us. If she had more time on this earth, who knows what would have happened between them? Thru the ups and downs we somehow managed to keep our promise. Our plan to be together forever hasn't changed... And I'm going to hold onto this ring for you till we are together again. I know you will always be with me to give me your strength.

"Maybe all of her friends didn't understand it. " Indeed, the two fought, broke up, kissed, and made up as witnessed by millions of fans worldwide.

"He proposed and filmed the entire thing," says a Brown friend.

"­Diem joked that she hated rubies and said no." He returned the next day with a new ring, but Brown's answer hadn't changed.

PHOTOS: Diem Brown's beautiful life and career "He proposed and filmed the entire thing," the friend tells Us.

"Diem joked that she hated rubies and said no." The unrelenting Tamburello then returned the following day with a new ring and proposed again.

"Diem knew she didn't have much longer to live," says the friend, "and she didn't want to be engaged under those circumstances."The gesture was a bittersweet end to a roller-­coaster romance.

As Brown's close friend , set of The Duel, viewers saw them fight, break up, kiss and make up.

While Brown was bedridden postsurgery, Tamburello pampered her by painting her toenails, and before she returned home, "CT redecorated her bedroom," says the friend.


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