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To make sure everyone knew where the ‘cool new stuff’ was on his website, Dave devised the radical idea of using an animated image of a burning flame.

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And I think I had a lot of grief about that and that was how I soothed myself." Wolfgang is following in his father's footsteps, playing bass with Van Halen on the band's highly successful reunion tour with David Lee Roth.

Bertinelli wasn't wild about her son joining the band at such a young age, but said that she also trusts "Wolfie." "I don't like it," Bertinelli said.

Once known as squeaky-clean Barbara Cooper on "One Day at a Time," Valerie Bertinelli's personal life actually included drug abuse, cheating on then-husband Eddie Van Halen and a long struggle with body-image issues.

Bertinelli, currently the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, comes clean in her new memoir, "Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time," which hit the stands today.

And then when Jenny Craig called me and I was able to successfully do their diet, I thought there's nothing left to really hide from anymore." Bertinelli said she tried cocaine for the first time as a teen with her troubled "One Day" co-star Mackenzie Phillips, but she really got into the drug after getting together with rocker Eddie Van Halen, whom she married when she was 20, just eight months after they started dating.

In her book, Bertinelli confesses that drugs were part of the marriage from the start ...

Drugs were more of a way to fit in on the rock 'n' roll scene — as well as a way to control her weight — than a pleasurable experience for Bertinelli, however ("I'm a food addict, that's my downfall," she said), and she eventually gave up partying while Van Halen continued to struggle with his addiction.

It was just one of many problems with the marriage.

Even though I had seen them a million times, it was always good. They’d get ready to start something and say, ‘What do you think about this? Even San Fernando Valley teens from Glendale and Calabasas would be making the long trip to the corner of Huntington and Madre.

Back then, you never got tired of Van Halen, because Edward was amazing; he’d just sit down and do some riffs. Leiren explained that for kids looking to get loose, a Van Halen gig would be the place to be that night.

"I got tired of, once again, hiding and thinking this is not the life I want for myself, for Wolfie, especially, and I don't want to keep treating Ed so badly." But with Lindsay Lohan's and Britney Spears' every indiscretion splashed across the tabloids, how did Bertinelli manage to hide her vices from the public for so long? " Bertinelli, 47, said with a laugh during a phone interview. She cleared up the misconception that her weight gain was a product of her divorce.

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