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” and the answer is she has been out on stage, making audiences laugh and think with spot-on social commentary and intimate confessions.She has been there, some people just stopped looking.

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It’s a shame that Janeane Garofalo’s politics have overshadowed her standup.

Not only was she instrumental in creating a comedy scene that was not dependent on the rigid expectations of mainstream clubs, creating an atmosphere for comics to take chances, but she also helped redefine what standup comedy could be.

Her original gimmick was to read off her hand, which was not successful in subsequent performances.

Dreaming of earning a slot on the writing staff of the TV show Late Night with David Letterman, she became a professional standup comedian upon graduating from college with degrees in History and American Studies.

Until it turned out, Leiderman said, that there was a very real, very legitimate marriage certificate filed in Nevada.

Pressed about their relationship and “joke marriage” last night by Judd Apatow, who co-created The Ben Stiller Show with Stiller, Garofalo said, “I’m sure I was terrible.” To which Cohen quickly replied, “I can confirm that.” He also jokingly claimed: “I’m going to get all that money.” Later, Garofalo — who famously doesn’t own a computer nor use email — told The Comic’s Comic that she never gave her “joke” marriage to Cohen a second thought.

[We thought] you have to go down to the courthouse and sign papers and stuff, so who knew?

' I don't: Janeane Garofalo (middle) married her then boyfriend and writer for The Ben Stiller Show, Rob Cohen (right), 'as a joke' in 1991- but didn't think the nuptials had actually stuck until their trio's reunion this weekend Now that they are offically divoced, Mr Cohen joked: 'I’m gonna get all of that "Reality Bites" money!

Garofalo began her career as a stand-up comedian and became a cast member on the Ben Stiller Show, The Larry Sanders Show, and Saturday Night Live, then appeared in more than 50 movies, with leading or major roles in The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Wet Hot American Summer, The Matchmaker, Reality Bites, Steal This Movie!

, Clay Pigeons, Sweethearts, Mystery Men, and The Independent, among numerous others.

Apatow and Stiller were quick to point out during Saturday’s reunion panel at The Paley Center (scheduled as part of the 2012 New York Comedy Festival) that they didn’t bother with putting out a broad search for talent when filling the cast.


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