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Then, on the way out of the restaurant, the couple was seen holding hands, further confirming rumors of a possible relationship., the possible new boyfriend of Selena Gomez is a former New York University student who appears to be quite the smarty pants.“I don’t know if anyone really understands me, which is why I hang out with Selena Gomez. In addition to their friendship and possible romance, Selena Gomez and Puth have worked together on his new album, of Selena Gomez’s reported new romance on March 31.

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According to the magazine, Selena Gomez had also been spotted together the previous night, when they enjoyed an evening out at the 1Oak Nightclub.

“[Selena Gomez] was fixated on him all night and barely paid attention to anyone else,” an observer at the club revealed to the magazine.

She signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records in 2008 and subsequently formed her band Selena Gomez & the Scene the following year. Gomez hoped to focus on her acting career by transitioning into film work, earning starring roles in films such as Ramona and Beezus (2010) and the romantic comedy Monte Carlo (2011).

Gomez hoped to achieve a more mature image with a role in the exploitation film Spring Breakers (2013), as well as with the release of her solo debut album Stars Dance (2013).

“[Selena Gomez] seemed very focused on him and they sat right next to each other in a VIP booth.” Despite her new romance with Krost, a source recently told that Selena Gomez is still in contact with Bieber, and the two communicate at least once a week.

“[Justin] keeps up friendships and talks with many of his exes, including the only real love of his life [Selena Gomez].

Back in November, Selena Gomez sparked rumors of a possible romance, when she and Krost were seen getting extremely cozy with one another at celebrity hotspot Cipriani’s in New York City.

In photos of the pair at the time, Selena Gomez sat in Krost’s lap as she joked, smiled, and gazed lovingly into his eyes.

Due to the success of the series, Gomez worked on various films, television shows, and musical collaborations for the network in the following years.

Gomez also formed her own production company in 2008, titled July Moon Productions; she is set to produce the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why.

Plus, Bieber is currently on tour, which will be keeping him busy for several months, while Selena Gomez is about to embark on her own tour.


  1. The range I would see fit perfect for Justice is a mid male range. I can totally hear these two brushing up on their Chords of Steel. She has a talent for voicing innocent girls who don't think before they speak (at least I think so).

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  3. It got kind of difficult with all of the drama, though.”Cassie*, a 30-year-old designer living in Brooklyn, got out of her rotation only after one date asked her to be monogamous with him. “But, he always brought me on amazing experiences, and it’s hard not to fall for someone when each experience is so fun.”For some women, having a rotation with the hopes of ultimately meeting a long-term partner can also be unfulfilling.

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