Wow armory profile not updating kerch elena dating 40

And the people I raid with their personal profile is also showing second half kills and nothing in the first half of DS.

As for the app I installed it yesterday evening which is when this all went wrong, it was in this app that I initially appeared as a lvl 85 with incorrect details and could therefore not use any of the features and this appears to have also spread to the web version since it was correct until this point.

Im having a similar problem, my char is 90 since the release but the armory shows 2 of the same chars on Silvermoon EU, mine was 85 human female but it now a 90 male human and it wont let me click the 90 one just shows im 85 etc etc, dont help when linking your armory and it shows your 85 when you clearly know you aint Same problem here...

it also still says 1/8 on the page so it isn't properly updating. So instead of the update button (the simplest method) you're trying to use the updating tool: The updating tool (for 10/25-man, heroic kills and meta-achievements) It says you that you should use the tool when you want to update your heroic kills or you want to explicitly update 25-man kills or you want to add raid achievements. Guild achievements on the API updated not instantly.

This means you should give it some time and then the update will be successful.

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If your character data is not updating in the Armory, please try the following to force a refresh of the data:1) Log into the game on that character2) Equip and unequip some gear3) Log out using the Main Menu4) Clear your browser cache5) Restart your browser6) Check the Armory after 30 minutes to see if the update has gone through If it has not, please post the following information and we will investigate the issue.

While it's possible changing your password would help, you'll probably just have to wait.

As for the application, did you install that before or after updating to i OS 6?

Having an issue where trying to update the guild's 10man progress with 5 offline people it not working.

We got out zon ozz kill tonight and when I attempt to use any combination of our 10man it either says nothing to be updated or beth tilac and rhyolith which were updated a long time ago.

it also still says 1/8 on the page so it isn't properly updating. You need to update all of the members armories through wowprogress so it will show their respective kills and that should then update your guild progress.

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