I want free ssexual chatting - Wow not updating

Burlap lamp was in one of my bathrooms too and it works great in here.Hard to get a great pic with the light shining so bright in here. Windows Update gets stuck on "checking for updates"-goes no further.

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Some suggested that I should reglaze or paint the tiles. But no more…carpet is gone, as well as that ugly, ugly wallpaper and border. This pretty green metal shelf came out of my old green bathroom in AL, along with the accessories, most of which were found at yardsales.

This is a pretty shellbox that I made 2 years ago and never showed you, mainly because I shamelessly copied it from Layla’s mom and she was selling them on Layla’s blog at the time.

the sex between those two went all night long, so here are few pics.

I let my friend Beata Undine take so many pictures of my cleavage and ass as we tried out the different cameras.

Brought this with me from one of my old baths and this is an inexpensive fixture from Lowes with seeded glass globes. Print passed on to me from Layla, which I’ve always admired from Rusty Cricket shop. I picked up the frame from the thriftstore and had a mat custom cut for it, total $10 to frame it.

I’ll show you that later too, but framing things like that is so easy.

I don’t think she is anymore, so I will show you my version now.

Most of these little shells I actually picked up off the beach.

It was like Anjelica knew how Beata like her pussy to be licked.


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